Vicki Dubcek

Vicki Dubcek

Vicki Dubcek is the daughter of Mamie Dubcek and the girlfriend of Harry Solomon. She and Harry first met on thanksgiving at the Solomons' thanksgiving dinner. After that Vicki had to leave. Every time she returned Vicki and Harry spent all of their time together.

After a while Vicki wanted to have a baby. She and Harry tried several times but to no avail. Eventually, after the Big Giant Head, under the alias of Stone Philips, abducted her, she became pregnant. The pregnancy only lasted a few hours, though, before she was rushed to the hospital where she gave birth to "little" Eric Travis Dubcek.

The Big Giant Head returned a short time later to declare that he still loved Vicki. They returned to his home planet where she became the queen of the universe. She, however, began to miss earth. She and the Big Giant Head returned for a short time during which, the Big Giant Head told Dick Solomon that he was his father, and she told Harry that she still loved him. But Harry had gotten a new girlfriend, Janice. This upset Vicki very much, so she decided that Janice had to be vaporized. Just before she could pull the trigger, however, Harry and Sally Solomon stopped her. She and the Big Giant Head returned to their home planet with no further incidence.

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