3rd Rock Characters

From left to right; Nina Campbell, Mamie Dubceck, Don Leslie Orville, Mary Albright, Dick Solomon, Sally Solomon, Harry Solomon, Tommy Solomon, and Alissa Strudwick.

This is a List of Characters from 3rd Rock from the Sun

The SolomonsEdit

Dick Solomon

Sally Solomon

Harry Solomon

Tommy Solomon

Janet Solomon (temporarily)

Universtiy CharactersEdit

Nina Campbell

Judith Draper

Professor Vincent Strudwick

Professor Suter

Dean Sumner


Chancellor Duncan

Bug Pallone

Aubrey Pitman



Friends of the SolomonsEdit

Mary Albright

Mrs. Mamie Dubcek

Vicki Dubcek

Eric Travis Dubcek

Alissa Strudwick

August Leffler

Don Orville



Mr. Randall

The Mullers

The Big Giant Head


Other CharactersEdit

Coach Mafferty

Coach Strickland

Dr. Liam Neesam

Father Rice

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