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Kinetic energy generates the velocity with which the bullet exits the barrel, while the ballistic coefficient and sectional density determines the damage to its targets. Guns don't kill people, physics kills people!

–Dick Solomon

Dick Solomon is the High commander and Head of the mission. Although his earthly body is the oldest, and the "father figure", he is actually the youngest, and not like a father figure at all. He is annoying, rude, selfish, rash, impatient and narcissistic, often looking in the mirror screaming "OH MY GOD! I'M GORGEOUS!" After a while, the other members of the mission lose respect for him, disobeying orders, but never direct orders, though they may rebel and yell at him.

His job is a Physics professor at Pentleton University, where he met his girlfriend, Mary Albright for whom he has "undying love." He is madly in love with Mary, and does care about her, even though he is sort of confused about common courtesy and will sometimes by mistake offend or annoy her.

On earth, Dick is considered brilliant, but in actuality his "son", Tommy the Information Officer, knows much more. On Earth, he is considered smart, because Dick knowing so much about earth is sort of like an earthling knowing about a city or town. They have come 3 million galaxies from their home planet, so earth is very small to them. He demonstrates his knowledge of many languages, and has laughed at Stephen Hawkings' description of virtual particles. He has called himself smarter than Einstein.

Dick poses as the brother of Harry Solomon and Sally Solomon, and the father of Tommy. Though it has earlier been said that Sally was Dick's daughter they remain brother and sister. Which, since Dick was 45 and Sally was in her 30's, would make sense.

It is later revealed that Dick is the son of The Big Giant Head, who is the crew's boss. Sally implies that that is the reason he became High Commander and not her, although she is older and has more credentials.


As mentioned earlier Dick is an extremely obnoxious and egotistical person. The High Commander of a group of aliens who came to Earth to study humanity, Dick suspects and demands the utmost respect, loyalty and admiration from his fellow subordinates and humans which they do not but continue to stand by his side.

Dick is narcissistic and claims himself smarter than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking and belittles both of their theories and scientific work. However while Dick is rude, selfish and irritating he deeply cares for Tom, Harry and Sally and saw them as his family even if he did not say it however despite this he was not above controlling their lives as evidenced he tried to stop Sally from moving out, Harry from having a child with Vicki and tried to trick Tommy to coming home from college.

Throughout the series Dicks strongest relationship is with Doctor Mary Albright whom he deeply loves and cares for and would instead blow the aliens cover so he wouldn't lose her however Dick can still be annoying and rude around Mary but tries his best to make up.

Over time on Earth Dick begins to blend in and bcomes more human albeit an immature and uncontrollable one, he also grows to care for his friends and family and the planet as shown when he would sacrifice his own life so that his friends will not be hurt and stopped Liam Neesom from destroying Earth twice.

As pointed out by himself Dick is very much alike a child being loud-mouthed and emotionally unpredictable who experiences emotions such as pride, jealousy, anger and lust for the first time and describes them as marvellous.

Life Before Coming to Earth

Not much is known about the early life of Dick Solomon. He is the son of the Big Giant Head and an alien from the Cepheus-Draco border. While Mary was growing up, Dick worked as a color spectrum particle separator at the Assemblage Dome on the Home World ("Youth is Wasted on the Dick"). He is also the High Commander of a military unit consisting of a security offi

Coming To EarthEdit

Dick came to Earth and got a job as a physics professor at Pendleton State University, a 3rd rate university. He rented a 3rd rate apartment, and bought a Rambler American, which he quickly developed an emotional connection with. He also fell madly in love with his coworker Mary Albright, professor of anthropology, who in time fell in love with him as well.

Studying HumansEdit

After a while, Dick slowly became more familiar with humans, and was able to blend in a little better. His assistant Nina Campbell, for instance, believed he was human, albeit a very immature one, but it was not just Nina, everyone else believed it as well. He learned many things in his time on earth, he learned about love and sensitivity, and even anger and happiness. Dick even had a near death experience which opened his eyes to the world for a short time.

The Big Giant Head VisitsEdit

In 1999 the Big Giant Head came to Earth to see how the mission was faring. He went with the alias of Stone Philips, and succeeded in making everyone he met despise him. The exception was Vicki Dubcek, daughter of Mrs. Mamie Dubcek, with whom he conceived a child. This caused Dick to worry about being exposed as an alien. The Big Giant Head also reassigned Sally to be the High Commander and Dick to be Harry's assistant. Dick, however, soon changed this by tricking Sally into saying she would rather be the security officer.


Dick had relationships with several people. His chief relationship was with Mary Albright. He also posed as the husband of Janet Solomon, the niece of the Big Giant Head (and therefore his cousin.) Another short relationship was with Jennifer Ravelli, another professor at the university.

Alternate UniverseEdit

In the two-part episode "Dick'll Take Manhattan" Dick was a big shot criminal lawyer with a huge Manhattan studio apartment overlooking the city. In his only court case shown he was arrogant as usual and sucked up to the judge who was Nina his assistant in the other universe. In this alternate universe Dick who after searched for her in many universities met the alternate Marry who was a singer for a downtown bar. After a difficult attempt he swooned the alternate Mary and almost dragged her over to the other universe but for some reason forgot about it and left without her.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Dick Solomon was portrayed by actor John Lithgow.

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