The Big Giant Head

The Big Giant Head in human form as Stone Philips

The Big Giant Head is the ruler of the galaxy and the Solomons' misson leader. He conveys messages to earth using Harry Solomon as his transmitter. At first he did not think that the Earth was a substantial use of his personnel, but after he visited his tune quickly changed. Thought the Solomons are subordinate to him they are often unsatisfied with his leadership, saying at one point that he only got the job because he kissed the "big giant butt."

In 1999 the Big Giant Head came to Earth to see how the mission was faring. He went with the alias of Stone Philips, and succeeded in making everyone he met despise him. The exception was Vicki Dubcek, daughter of Mrs. Mamie Dubcek, with whom he conceived a child. This cause Dick to worry about being exposed as an alien. The Big Giant Head also reassigned Sally to be the High Commander and Dick to be Harry's assistant. Dick, however, soon changed this by tricking Sally into saying she would rather be the security officer.

Eventually Vicki had a baby with him which she named little Eric Travis. He returned to earth a short time later and, after wreaking a little more havoc, he brought Vicki to his home planet to become Queen of the galaxy. It was also later revealed that Dick Solomon was also a son of the Big Giant Head.

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