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August Leffler was the girlfriend of Tommy Solomon for over a year during the first two seasons.


She is very head strong, and seems to enjoy manipulating Tommy in their relationship. She is very smart, and seems to sometimes feel insecure over how smart Tommy is.

She a C- in gym, because she can't lift her own body weight, she has a horrible sense of direction, and she bites her nails when nervous.

Season 3Edit

August won the Rufither Counrt Essay Contest for the second year in a row. However, a couple of weeks later, sometime after Halloween, Tommy found out she was cheating on him with two other guys and they broke up.


August returns later for one episode while Tommy was with Alissa Strudwick. August of My Fair Lady a bad review, which Alissa stars in as the main character. We later see her in the very next episode as a hostage in Alien Hunter, although she has no lines. She never returns after this incident.

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