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The 3rd Rock from the Sun Wiki is a collaborative website about 3rd Rock From The Sun. 3rd Rock From The Sun, or simply 3rd Rock, is about a "family" of four extraterrestrials who came to earth to study humanity. Anyone can make or edit articles check out the Help Contents to get started!

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Intro 3rd Rock from the Sun00:59

Intro 3rd Rock from the Sun

The intro to the earlier episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun

Featured Quote, Nominations

It's what women are supposed to do: Get married, have kids, hire total strangers to raise them and then wonder where they went wrong.

Sally Solomon

Did You Know...?
  • ...That the Solomon's adress is 417 Pensdale Road, Rutherford, Ohio?
  • ...That John Lithgow's son; Ian Lithgow, played Leon throughout the series?
  • ...The Solomons got their name off a passing truck?
  • ...The series' title comes from country singer Joe Diffie's song of the same name?
  • ...That the Solomon family is Jewish?
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